School Anthem

School Anthem

——– 1 ——–
March onwards, tender lives
Courage in our hearts and wisdom in our souls
Striving hard to soar above
Keeping our spirits strong and alive.


In this world, we are the candles of God,
To burn and shine with a content smile.
We’ll see brightening skies beyond the mist,
If only we keep our faith in Him.

——– 2 ——–
Truth buckled in every minds,
Visions of future in every eyes.
Hard trails to keep us strong
And all the success to make us sing.

——– 3 ——–
”Wisdom, reflection of eternal light”
Our motto remains rare in all.
Guide our path in the darkest lanes
Guard the hope inside our eyes.

——– 4 ——–
Enough determination to face each day.
You mould our lives for a better ‘morrow’
‘Sreepuram’ our Alma Mater, so dear
We salute Thee in awe.