Request to Parents

A Request to the Parents

1. Please note that no leave will be sanctioned during examinations.
2. Please send your ward to the school well in time otherwise he / she will be sent back home.
3. Please send your ward in proper school uniform.
4. Please note that the school telephone is for official use only. Students will not be allowed to make personal calls. However, in emergency due consideration would be kept.
5. Please note that no half-day leave will be granted to your ward. In case of emergency only parents are allowed to collect their children from the school.
6. Please report immediately to the school office about any change of address or telephone number in writing.
7. Parents should ensure that students should not bring any objectionable reading material.
8. Please motivate your ward for participating in Co-Scholastic Activities.
9. Please attend Parents Teachers Meet, on every last working day of the month, to discuss the progress of your ward/s.

NOTE: If any student or even a parent misbehaves with the teaching or non-teaching member of the school or is indulged in any undesirable act, the school authorities may be constrained to take strict action against the parent or the child as per the recommendation of the disciplinary committee.